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System Problems
Are you experiencing any of the following?
°  System error messages
°  Unexplained system slowdown
°  Recurring viruses
°  System file corruption
°  Erratic system behavior

These are typical issues that computers encounter as a result of spam, spyware, viruses, and faulty applications. The great news is that it can be fixed!  Our staff is trained to rid your computer of these problems and get you back to enjoying your PC.

Lost Data
Have you experienced a data loss, or concerned that you don't have a good backup?
We can help!  We have recovered data for many of our clients, and implemented simple solutions to safeguard against future disasters.  Click here to get more details on our Data Recovery services.

° Do you need a faster internet connection?
° Do you want to go wireless (WiFi)?
° Do you simply need to fix your dial up connection to your Internet Service Provider?

With all of the new technology on the market today, it is easier and cheaper to upgrade your connection and get better performance while web browsing, working with email, and downloading files.

Red Rocks Technology Partners specialize in getting your network running well giving you a fast and seemless computing experience!

Upgrades and Installs
Have you recently purchased a new application of peripheral that you can not get to work properly?  Our technicians are trained to get your add -on's to work properly and get you back to having fun with that computer.  Call today for more information!