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Security is at the forefront of every news story regarding computers.  Your systems are difficult to secure and maintain.  Viruses, spam, spyware, and network intrusions are all areas where you must on the watch and protect your data.  Our services enable you with a secure computing environment, and allow you to focus your energy elsewhere.

Network Security
Dial up connections, Local Area Networks (LAN's) and Wide Area Networks (WAN's) all have the need to be secure.  These neworks sevre as your connection to other computers and the internet. Transfering files and sharing data is hignly productive, and can also leave you vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and many other intrusions. Whether you have a single PC or a small office with dozens of PC's you need to secure your data and the network that enables your connectivity.  Get help from Red Rocks Technology Partners.  Our staff is trained in the latest security methods, and can secure your environement today.  Call Now!

Software that exhibits behavior such as collecting personal information, or changing  your computer settings, or advertising, without your permission is typically spyware. 
• Have you experienced a sudden rise in computer crashes or system errors?
• Do you see pop-up advertisements even when you're not on the Web.
• Does your Web browser first open to a home page that you did not choose? 
• Do you notice a new toolbar in your browser that you didn't want?
• Does your computer take  a long time to complete tasks?
If you answer yes to these questions, you may have spyware on your computer.  Give Red Rocks Technology Partners a call to irradicate these issues today!

Security Scanning
Periodic security scanning helps to ensure that computers are patched to prevent most security vulnerabilities.  While a good preventive maintenance program will help to ensure that the most recent patches are installed on a timely basis, periodic scanning helps to ensure that those patches and fixes remain installed.  Software frequently misbehaves and interferes with other software installed on a PC.  This is true for patches and security fixes too. The installation of any software can overwrite a properly configured PC leaving it vulnerable to the latest hacks and viruses unbeknownst to the user.

This service will provide the following: Scanning of the computer to inspect for known patches and fixes
° Detailed reporting on the status of detected vulnerabilities
° Recommended actions to minimize exposure

Virus & Security Notification
New viruses and security related defects are discovered daily.  Keeping up with these issues can be time consuming and it can be difficult to determine if they impact your environment.  This service will alert you of issues that may effect your environment.

This service will provide the following: 
° E-mail notification of all issues which may effect your environment & detail on the vulnerability
° Recommended actions to minimize exposure