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Technology has its limitations, and occasionally it fails to perform as expected.  Hard drives crash, servers fail, and applications corrupt their data.  All of these events can be cause put you in a bind.  You need your data and your systems to run properly.

Red Rocks Technology Partners offers the following data recovery services:

Hard Drive Data Recovery
In the event of a hard disk failure, in most circumstances, we are able to recover the majority of data stored on a drive.  The data is typically recovered from the damaged device, and copied to a CDROM.  If possible, the drive is repaired and returned to the use for future use.

We have performed this service for many clients, restoring their precious data, saving them countless hours of time, and thousands of dollars.  We can retrieve your data too!  Give us a call today at 888 7 Red Rocks

If our recovery process does not retrieve your data, then a more specialized process may be required.  This often happens when there has been significant physical damage to the drive.  For these cases, we have partnered with companies that specialize in this type of data recovery. 

Software Data Recovery
Another unfortunate reality of computing is that applications crash with little or no warning taking hostage your precious data.  This may be an accounting or complex business software, or simply your Microsoft Office application such as Word or Outlook.

Our technicians can recover this data in most circumstances, and get you back to being productive quickly.  Give us a call to find out more about this great service today!

Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems
The Red Rocks Technology Partners technicians are experts at designing, planning, and implementing a backup or disaster recovery system for your data and applications.  Whether you have terabytes of data, or simply a few music files and photo's that you would like to protect, we can design a system that is cost effective, and will exceed your needs at a great low price.  Give us a call at 888 7 Red Rocks for more details!